The Irresistible Value Proposition

How To Entice Your B2B Customer To Sit Up, Take Notice And Want Your Offering Right Now!

The Irresistible Value Proposition is a learning and coaching workshop that takes the often confusing concepts of B2B Outcome-Based Selling and make them easy to understand.  More importantly, throughout the workshop you will be applying new concepts to your real sales opportunity.  However, you will never be learning and doing alone. You will have access to your Personal Coach who will question, explain and coach you – either through direct feedback on the platform or through 1 on 1 video teleconference calls. 

Your Value Proposition is the definitive output of your selling process. In complex B2B sales, it is the first thing that will make you stand out from the customer's alternatives. And yet, one of the challenges that we, as sellers, routinely present to customers is that our Value Proposition is not relevant to the customer's Desired Outcomes and thus not very compelling. In this workshop you will learn to answer the following about any B2B opportunity and apply it to your live opportunity:

  • Determine the Customer's Desired Outcomes
  • Ensure you are aiming at the “Right Deal” for this Opportunity
  • Determine if you can Win this Deal
  • Understand what is Value in B2B sales
  • Make the Customer want to choose us Right Now

With these insights, you will then learn the three attributes of an Irresistible Value Proposition and develop your Irresistible Value Proposition for your live opportunity. After the workshop, you will know how to consistently develop a compelling Value Proposition for your sales opportunities.

My name is Steve Thompson, and I am delighted to be your mentor during this workshop! To help you understand where I am coming from, a little bit about me. I am an expert in getting B2B deals done while maximizing the value to both parties. For over 20 years, I have personally coached thousands of B2B deals worth well over $15 billion – for both B2B selling and buying organizations. My diverse clientele represents dozens of industries and businesses from the Fortune 500 to technology startups. Clients have sent me to work in every major business center around the globe. When I receive a call from a client, it is almost assuredly a “must-win” deal that is in trouble – and it’s my job to help salvage this deal.

Helping clients understand what “value” really means to them, their key customers / suppliers and their businesses, is my passion! Having the unique perspective of participating in large B2B deals from both sides, I am frequently amazed (and sometimes frustrated) by the question “Why do so many buyers and sellers either routinely settle for low value deals or fail to reach an agreement?” This is especially true when there is tremendous value for one side (or both parties) that is not even brought into the selling or buying discussion – or arguably worse, is lost during the negotiation or the implementation after the sale!

I have previously worked in senior operations, sales and executive management at Westinghouse, Black & Decker and DuPont. I've started several businesses, one of which was a family owned bottled water company that was sold to the largest Japanese beverage company. I also served as a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the U.S. Navy right after college. I hold a BS in Chemistry from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University.

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